Surprise Your Guests With An Exotic Thai Dinner Party Menu

July 20, 2022

Do you want to host a dinner party that your friends will never forget? Then try preparing exotic Thai foods for your next gathering and let your friends sample the flavours of Southeast Asia. We've prepared a sample menu of delicious Thai dishes for you to try next time you host. 


Thai spring rolls are the perfect appetisers for any party. They are easy to prepare and can be eaten with your hands as a quick snack before everyone sits down for the full meal. And like many of the recipes in this article, spring rolls can be made vegetarian or with meat.

To make this appetiser, you will need dried rice paper, which you can dip into warm water before placing a variety of ingredients inside. Ingredients typically include rice vermicelli noodles and vegetables like bean sprouts, shredded carrots, basil, coriander, and shrimp. You can include a light sauce of brown sugar and soy sauce inside the wrapping and serve the wraps with Exotic Food’s sweet chilli sauce. 


Thai cuisine features a variety of delicious coconut milk soups perfect for a dinner party menu. One of the most popular Thai soups that you can make is called Tom Kha. This soup is made with fresh spices like lemongrass, ginger, and kaffir lime leaves. 

You can also add your preferred protein and any vegetables you like, including mushrooms or peppers. Exotic food makes it easy to create this delicious dish with our heat and serve prepared soups made with fresh ingredients.

No exotic Thai menu is complete without a delicious coconut milk soup.


A refreshing vegetable salad is the perfect healthy addition to your spread. You can use lettuce, peppers, carrots, edamame, coriander leaves, and peanuts to create a Thai-style salad. Feel free to add any other vegetables that you like and top your salad with any of Exotic Food’s delicious dressings, like our green, red, sweet chilli or peanut dressings.

Main Dish

For a main dish, you can cook a hearty green curry served with rice. This dish is typically made with coconut milk and green curry paste. You can add your choice of protein and vegetables. This curry will typically include Thai aubergines and thinly sliced peppers. Exotic Food has all-natural green curry paste that you can use to create this tasty dish.

Side Dish

A side of satay, or marinated meat skewers, can perfectly complement the rest of your dishes. You can use either your choice of meat or sliced tofu and soak it in a simple marinade made of soy sauce, chopped garlic, lime juice, and sugar. 

After a couple hours, you can put your satay on small wooden skewers and grill them until they are well cooked. Then simply serve them up with Exotic Food’s satay sauce.

Thai satay skewers served with peanut sauce and garnished with cucumber and onion.


Finally, wrap up your authentic Thai meal with homemade coconut ice cream that is sure to delight all your guests. This simple recipe can be made by combining two cans of Exotic Food coconut milk, half a cup of honey or maple syrup, a tablespoon of vanilla, and a pinch of salt. 

You will then need to freeze your mixture in ice cube trays until solid and then blend the frozen cubes in a blender. If you have an ice cream maker, you can use that instead of the ice cube approach. You can serve your coconut ice cream topped with peanuts, red beans, fruit or any other toppings that you enjoy.

Give It A Try

Exotic Food Thailand has everything you need to cook amazing Thai dishes at home. Check out our many sauces and cooking essentials to help you prepare tasty food at home made with fresh, authentic ingredients. Find what you need and get started on your own exotic Thai menu today.



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