Sweet Chilli Sauce

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Buy Authentic Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce from Thailand

Are you searching for the perfect sweet chilli sauce to complement your dishes? Look no further. You can now order Thai sweet chilli sauce directly from the manufacturer in Thailand!

Exotic Food Thailand is the go-to bottled sweet chilli sauce supplier in Thailand. We offer authentic flavours that will take your dishes up a notch. Whether you’re an amateur cook or a professional chef, our Thai sweet chilli sauce will bring a touch of magic to your kitchen.

Flavours in Thai Cuisine

Thai cuisine creates a delicate balance of five distinct flavours: salty, sour, sweet, bitter, and umami, in a single dish. The chefs of Thailand aspire to create a blend of these five flavours in every dish they prepare. This is also the why Thai is one of the world’s best-loved cuisines.

In Thailand, there’s a sauce or dip for every type of dish, with different colours, flavours, and spice levels. Eating in Thailand is incomplete without a complementary dipping sauce for your favourite snack or dish, and Thai sweet chilli sauce is usually a favourite.

A Universal Condiment

Sweet and hot chilli sauce is a popular type of sauce you’ll often find a bottle on restaurant tables and in home kitchens around the globe. Although it’s referred to as a chilli sauce, the flavour of the basic Thai sweet chilli sauce is mild and well-suited to those less accustomed to spicy diets. Its sweetness is offset by the fresh flavours of red chillies that have been simmered together with sugar and spices.

This beloved sauce goes well with any food, including meat, poultry, fish and vegetables. Use it to coat meat or chicken before barbecuing or as a glaze for baked ham. Pour Thai sweet chilli sauce over grilled or steamed fish, crab, shrimp or lobster, or simply put it in a bowl to serve as a dipping sauce. The sweet and mildly hot flavour of the chilli sauce enhances whatever dish it accompanies.

Exotic Food Thailand’s Sweet Chilli Sauce

As a trusted sweet chilli sauce manufacturer in Thailand, we pride ourselves on delivering quality and taste. Exotic Food’s sweet chilli sauce is known for its authentic Thai flavour. Our sauce offers the perfect balance of sweetness and mild heat, ideal for those who enjoy flavourful but not overly spicy food. 

Our international-standard manufacturing process ensures that our products are export-quality. We use only the finest red chillies, sugar, and spices to create a rich, full-bodied flavour. We are proud of the recognition Exotic Food’s Thai sweet chilli sauce has received, such as the International Taste Institute’s prestigious iTQi Superior Taste Award, granted after a positive taste evaluation by a panel of world-class chefs.

Become a Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce Distributor

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Our Sweet Chilli Sauce is available wholesale in 250ml and 725ml glass bottles and 200ml, 455ml, and 730ml PET bottles. Order Exotic Food’s bottled Thai sweet chilli sauces and explore our entire range of products. Contact us for more information on direct shipments.