Sriracha Sauce


Are you looking to bring the world-famous sriracha chilli sauce to your customers? Look no further. Team up with Exotic Food Thailand, a leading sriracha chilli sauce manufacturer in Thailand, and become a distributor in your region.

What Is Sriracha Chilli Sauce?

Sriracha hot chilli sauce is a popular hot sauce that originates from Thailand. It is named after the coastal city of Sri Racha, where it was first created by a Thai woman named Thanom Chakkapak. The sauce is made from a blend of sun-ripened red chillies, garlic, vinegar, sugar, and salt, resulting in a thick, smooth texture with a bright red colour. Sriracha sauce is known for its unique balance of heat and sweetness, making it a versatile condiment that enhances and complements a variety of dishes.

In Vietnam, the condiment became a popular addition to phở, spring rolls, and fried noodles. As Asian cuisines grew in popularity around the world, people began to take notice of the sriracha sauce as well. Perfect for adding a kick to your dishes, sriracha chilli sauce can be used as a dipping sauce, marinade, glaze, and even dressing.

World-renowned food brands and restaurant chains have incorporated this tangy flavour into their dishes and mixed sriracha into other sauces they include with their meals. Today, many distributors offer wholesale sriracha chilli sauce, but if you want to offer an authentic version to your customers, consider contacting a sriracha chilli sauce exporter in Thailand.

Sriracha Chilli Sauce Exporter in Thailand

Exotic Food Thailand is a manufacturer and exporter that ships real Thai sriracha sauce to countries worldwide. We offer eight varieties of our traditional sriracha chilli sauce for export and distribution in 200 ml squeeze bottles, including:

  • Wasabi: A bold fusion of classic sriracha heat with the sharp, tangy punch of wasabi.
  • Blackout: This variant combines black garlic’s deep, rich flavours with sriracha’s spicy kick.
  • Extra Garlic: This version packs in even more garlic to enhance the sauce’s savoury profile.
  • Chilli Sauce & Mayo: A creamy blend of spicy sriracha and smooth mayonnaise.
  • Yellow Chilli: This variant offers a slightly fruitier flavour with a vibrant colour.
  • Green Chilli: This version has a fresher, more herbaceous taste.
  • Super Hot: This variant turns up the heat significantly while maintaining the signature sriracha flavour.

Gluten-Free and Vegan

Our sriracha hot chilli sauces are both gluten-free and vegan, making them suitable for various dietary preferences and restrictions. This allows everyone to enjoy sriracha’s rich, spicy flavours without worry. Whether catering to health-conscious consumers or those with specific dietary needs, Exotic Food’s Thai sriracha sauces are a perfect choice.

Order Exotic Foods Sriracha Sauces

As a trusted sriracha sauce wholesale supplier in Thailand, Exotic Food Thailand ensures that every bottle is crafted with the highest quality control and international standards. We are committed to preserving the authentic taste of Thai sriracha chilli sauce using traditional recipes and the finest ingredients.

By offering a popular product like our sriracha sauce, you’ll open the door to and generate interest in Thai cuisine. Exotic Food Thailand offers an entire range of authentic and delicious sauces, marinades, curry pastes, Thai cooking essentials, noodles, oils, herbs, and spices. Expand your product line and offer a comprehensive selection of Thai cuisine staples, including our sriracha chilli sauce range, for your customers to buy and enjoy.

Partner with a Thailand manufacturer that can offer a steady supply of high-quality sauces and more. Contact Exotic Food Thailand today to place your order and become a sriracha chilli sauce distributor in your area.