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Our Company


Our company began as a vision
of two siblings, both passionate about Thai food…

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FCE Number: 12266 DEP
Exporter Code: 99000933 HALAL Certificate: 705/2001 GMP


Exporting & Trading House Brand: Exotic Food, Thai Pride, Coco-Loto

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Exotic Food
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Exotic Food
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Exotic Food
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Presently, we have over
three hundred employees
based in three locations
within Thailand.

Thai Exporter |
Exotic Food Thailand

Our company was founded in 1999 by two siblings who had the ambition to share the flavours of Thai cuisine with the world. Since then, we have grown to become one of the best Thai cooking paste, sauce and seasoning suppliers in the country.

Exotic Food Thailand has registered capital of 200 million Baht. We are a Thai exporter shipping our products to sixty-five countries around the globe. Our line of Thai sauces and ingredients currently totals over 200 individual items. We’re continually exploring and developing new items to introduce to food lovers worldwide under three different brands, spanning five product categories.

of Exotic

We set up Exotic Food as a trading company. Our goal has always been to share quality Thai cuisine with the world, but we are also a well-respected food distributor within Thailand.

Maintaining high quality standards has always been one of our main goals, and through the years, we have received multiple achievements and awards that testify to this defining goal, including:

  • IN 2000 —- Winner of Good Packaging Design 2000 Award
  • IN 2001 —- Received HACCP and ISO 9001
  • IN 2008 —- Received ISO 22000
  • IN 2010 —- Received BRC
  • IN 2012 —- Received the Thailand Prime Minister Award for Thai-Owned Brand Category
  • IN 2014 —- Listed in MAI (Market for Alternative Investment) Stock Exchange of Thailand

We have achieved the Thailand Trusted Quality Mark and been awarded IFS (International Food Standard) certification. In 2014 we were also honoured with the Superior Taste Award by the International Taste & Quality Institute in Brussels, Belgium.

Exotic Food
Product Development

IN 2016

In 2016, we reached a significant milestone in Exotic Food’s development by opening our Amata City factory. This factory allowed us to double our production capacity and add to our already substantial line of Thai sauces, food ingredients and cooking pastes for export in Thailand.

With the demand for Thai cuisine worldwide being led by the universal popularity of sriracha sauce, we now see ourselves as ambassadors of Thai food, seeking to expand the world’s familiarity and understanding of Thai cuisine. 

We have expanded our line of authentic sriracha chilli sauces to include eight varieties. We also offer a range of Thai seasoning sauces that will educate foreign customers about the versatility of Thai cuisine. In addition to this we have a selection of Thai noodles, fruits and vegetables, and herbs and spices. Plus we have now branched out to include Japanese products and an all-natural range of Thai sauces and ingredients.

We are one of the leading cooking sauce distributors in Thailand. Get in touch today to find out more about how we can work together.