Thai Ingredients

Thai Ingredients

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An essential ingredient
in Exotic Asian cooking, the whole
plant can be used it all type of dishes,
the root is great for making soup, the leaves
eaten fresh givesa delicate Exotic aroma.

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In giving dishes a fascinating scent and taste, garlic is
a must-have ingredient that can’t be missed. Served
raw on the side of several Thai dishes and in whole or
chopped for all stir-fries, fried rice, steaks and more!
Also an indispensable ingredient of those mouth
watering Exotic Sweet Chilli and Hot Chilli Sauce,

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Firm fragant leaves
from the kaffir lime tree,
used fresh or dried,
whole or shredded for
their enticing citrus flavor mainly in Exotic
curries and stir fired. Can also be added at
the end, or after, cooking to retain the flavor.

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The nature golden-brown root peeled, grated or sliced
for a warm spicy flavor for stews, stir fried, grills or s
teamed fish!Pickled young ginger slice is a must for

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A small, narrow green leaves with purple stems
that contain a distinctive trait. Once the leaves get
cooked, any curries, soups, and stir fried dishes
will be rich of an Exotic sweet herbal aroma and
flavor. Try stir fried with clams, lobster, and snails!
or a Thai well-known dish “Pad-Kaprao”

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A very young shoot, not
fully developed, of onion
bulb with long green
stalks that all parts are

Can be eaten raw or cooked. Mostly used in
garnishing fried rice, salad, soup, and whatever
that needs a mild onion flavour.

Thai Ingredients 11With beautiful slender aromatic tropical stalks, provides a lemony scent to any dishes. Just strip off the outer leaves, then slice sideways, the magic touch will be generously given to all Exotic curry, soup, grill, and seafood!

Thai Ingredients 12Thai Ingredients 13There are more than 10 types of Chili vary in
size and color. Thai Chilli is small and quite
piquant. Most of the heat is from seeds, simply

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A reddish skin small onion which separate into
garlic-like cloves when peeled. Julienned fresh
shallots are often mixed with cucumber, chillie,
sugar, and vinegar as a condiment sauce for
Satay. Stir-fried shallot can be used in garnishing
to give dishes and salad an Exotic taste.

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A unique piquant hot flavor of its own,
great in seasoning Exotic curries, stir-fries
and especially steaks!

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A root similar to ginger with pinkish thinner
skin and a mellower taste. Peeled and sliced
before use, a must for Exotic Tom Yum and
Curries. Pairs well with lemon grass!

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Curry long round leaves. With refreshing
sweet aroma, delightful eaten fresh or as
an ingredient for Exotic fresh spring rolls!

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A Vitamin C rich typical round green citrus fruit.
Juice always found in as many Thai recipes as fish
sauce to season dishes with an authentic sour
such as; Tom Yum Kung, while the peel is mostly
used in flavoring desserts.