Cook Authentic Dishes at Home with Thai Cooking Pastes

March 18, 2024

Taste the fresh flavours of Thai green curry.

Relive your exotic, colourful, and delicious trip to Thailand by recreating the Thai dishes you loved. Exotic Foods now has an entire range of Thai cooking pastes that let you enjoy the tastes of Thailand in your own home.

People from all over the world love to visit Thailand. They come for the beautiful tropical beaches, the warm, friendly people, and the delicious Thai cuisine they find everywhere they turn.

Thai food is quickly becoming one of the world’s favourite cuisines. There are Thai restaurants in every major city in the world that have hordes of hungry diners lining up to sample their favourite dishes.

Complicated Cuisine

Many amateur chefs discover the main problem with trying to recreate the magic of Thai cuisine once they get home. Thai cuisine is a very complicated cuisine to prepare. The reason dishes taste so multi-layered and deliciously complex is simply because they are.

Thai cooking takes years to master, even for people raised in Thailand. There may be ten ingredients or more in a sauce that tastes deliciously simple. Those ten ingredients have to be combined in just the right amounts to get the flavour we all associate with a specific dish.

Foreigners are at a distinct disadvantage when they return to their own countries and try to cook the dishes they once enjoyed in Thailand. They may have taken a Thai cooking class while here and figured they were well on their way to mastering the preparation of their favourite dish. But once they got home, they often can’t find some of the exotic ingredients and forget the quantities of others. In other words, to perfect Thai cooking takes lots of practice with the correct ingredients that may not be available in everyone's home country.

The famous chef Gordon Ramsay was even confident he could make a pad Thai that was every bit as good as professional Thai chefs. When he started cooking, he looked like a fish out of water. And when he presented his finished dish, the Thai chefs couldn’t finish the food he’d created!

Two Main Problems

Galangal, Kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, palm sugar, and fish sauce may be becoming easier to find on the shelves of grocery stores outside of Thailand, but these ingredients are only a part of Thai cuisine. A Thai dish takes many more ingredients that may have to be prepared using special techniques, and these aren’t always easy to find in other countries.

Getting the education and practice to recreate the dishes is the second obstacle to preparing Thai food. Taking a cooking class while you’re in Thailand only gives you an idea of the complexity of Thai cooking. It doesn’t really prepare you to recreate the dishes you enjoyed eating.

Enjoy a hearty massaman curry

Another Answer

However, what if you didn't really need to master the cooking to get the authentic flavour of Thai cooking in your own home?

Exotic Foods is a Thai food distributor with a range of cooking pastes and other food products. You’ll find our products in grocery stores and food outlets all over the world. We offer nine varieties of cooking pastes:

  • Chilli paste with bean oil
  • Chilli paste with basil leaves
  • Tom kha paste for coconut galangal soup
  • Tom yum paste for hot and sour soup
  • Massaman curry paste
  • Penang curry paste
  • Yellow curry paste
  • Green curry paste
  • Red curry paste

These cooking pastes are made from traditional recipes and used by families across Thailand, so you know they’re authentic. Incorporating this range of pastes into your daily meals will raise the level of your cooking and make meals exotic and fun to prepare again. Taste the flavours of Thailand wherever you are with products from Exotic Foods.



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