Chicken satay with peanut sauce

Chicken satay with peanut sauce
Exotic Yellow Curry1.00 tbsp
Exotic Coconut Milk3.00 tbsp
Exotic Satay Sauce1.00 cup
Extra coconut Milk to brush on chicken0.50 cup
Chicken Breast450.00 gm
Cucumber2.00 pcs
Mint Leafs10.00 leafs
White Vinegar0.50 cup
Sugar1.00 tbsp
Salt1.00 tbsp
Big Red Chillies1.00 pc


1. Soak your bamboo skewers in warm water for an hour to prevent
them from burning when grilling.

2. Remove the skin from your chicken thighs and take it off the bone.
Cut it in long pieces. Put them aside.

3. Heat a cast iron pan or have your grill ready. Then preheat your oven
to 180 degrees celsius.

4. While waiting for the pan to heat up, mix Exotic Yellow Curry Paste
and Exotic Coconut Milk in a mixing bowl. Add chicken in and toss
them around thoroughly until the curry paste covers all the chicken.

5. Take a bamboo skewer and stick the marinated chicken. Be careful
not to stick the chicken too tightly and close to each other.

6. Put the chicken skewer on to the heated cast iron pan, sear the chicken
for two minutes on each side then put the pan in the oven for 5 minutes.

7.While waiting for the chicken to cook in the oven, cut cucumber in half
and thinly slice them. Take one shallot and a big red chili, slice them up.
Put them in a salad bowl.

8. Mix together white vinegar and caster sugar. Keep stirring until all the
sugar dissolves. Pour your salad dressing into the salad bowl and
mix well.

9. Take your chicken out of the oven and start plating.
Serve chicken satay with Exotic Satay Sauce and cucumber salad.


Chicken satay with peanut sauce


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