How to Find a Thai Sauce Company

July 20, 2022

Good Thai sauce companies use natural ingredients.

No matter where you are in the world, the products made by a Thai sauce factory are likely to be some of the most popular condiments. Thai sauce companies are riding a global wave of popularity and expanding their products to include a wider range of flavours. And there are more and more suppliers entering the market. This means that choosing a quality supplier of Thai sauce products will take some research, but it will be worth spending time on. 

Reliable Quality Service

Taking on a new product will always be a matter of trial and error. Taking on an entire range of new products simply multiplies the risks. You want to buy from a wholesale supplier of Thai sauces that can provide reliable, steady services. This will help you to establish an ordering rhythm that allows you to keep enough stock on hand for your fast-moving items without becoming overstocked and running into storage problems. 

The retailer looks at products that fly off the shelves as being almost as problematic as slow-moving products because of the danger of being out of stock. From your customer’s point of view, nothing is worse than their favourite item running out of stock. Running out of stock often is one of the fastest ways to force customers to shop elsewhere. 

The best Thai sauce suppliers can provide you with an initial recommended order for each of the items in their product line. This helps you keep the fastest moving items in stock, keeping your customers satisfied and happy. The best suppliers also let you know their lead times and stick to their schedules so you can better manage your stock.      

Extensive Range of Flavours and Sauce Options

Choosing a Thai sauce supplier with a vast range of products means you only have to deal with one supplier, which reduces the workload for the grocer or restaurant owner and makes ordering easier. 

You want to establish a relationship with a supplier that’s open to expanding their product line and meeting the taste expectations of your customers. The best suppliers are not afraid to experiment with new flavour ideas, and introduce new products.  

A woman named Thanom Chakkapak first created the sauce that went on to take the world by storm in the seaside town of Si Racha, for which the sauce is named. She recognised its versatility, but no one thought it would become world-famous and make so much of an impact.  Sriracha sauce has become a phenomenon that is now seen on many home and restaurants' tables, being used in many more ways than the inventor could have imagined. It has been used as a marinade, dipping sauce, condiment and cooking ingredients around the world.

Everyone loves the products of Thai sauce companies.

Authentic Quality Flavour is Vital

To get the best value out of ordering from only one vendor, you want to choose a vendor who offers an authentic range of products made from the finest natural ingredients. Exotic Food is a Thai company that makes high-quality Thai food products for the international market. The company started over twenty years ago by two siblings who wanted to share the flavours they love with the world. They succeeded by insisting that only the finest natural ingredients are used and that the recipes and techniques used to create their products are completely authentic. They developed authentic Thai products they knew would appeal to the world’s taste buds. 

Unforgettable, unique flavours are universal. They appeal to everyone. Thailand has more than their share of unforgettably unique flavours. It is what made their food one of the world's most favoured cuisines. Exotic Food simply relied on the appeal of traditional Thai flavours to drive the company’s success.  

Today, Exotic Food ships to sixty-five countries around the world. Their line of Thai food products is now at over 200 items, with more new products being introduced every year. Exotic Food is helping the world to become acquainted with the flavours of Thailand and appreciate Thai cuisine.   

The basic philosophy behind Thai cuisine is what resonates with food lovers all over the world and retains them from buying Exotic Food products. Choosing the freshest and most flavourful ingredients and using authentic techniques to create incredible dishes. 

The flavours of Thai cuisine are multi-layered and complex. Thai food preparation is difficult to master. But by stocking a variety of products offered by Exotic Food, you can offer your customers authentic versions of Thai flavours no matter where you are in the world. And the more your customers sample the many flavours of Thailand, the more products they’ll be asking you to bring in. 

Price and Convenience

Thai cuisine is also rather inexpensive considering its level of complexity. There may be a large number of individual ingredients used to create a specific taste, but each ingredient is commonly available and generally inexpensive. Exotic food has kept the humble origins of Thai food in mind and designed a line of affordable, quality food items for anyone wanting to discover and explore new flavours. 

Their range of fruits and vegetables, cooking essentials, noodles, cooking pastes, and herbs and spices also invite customers to try their hand at cooking Thai cuisine. They offer ‘heat and serve’ packaged meals and even vegan and gluten-free products. All of their products are affordable and convenient to use. 

If you’re researching Thai sauce companies to supply your business with a range of Thai food products, consider partnering with Exotic Food to bring Thai cuisine to your region.  



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