Delicious Ways
to Create Gluten-free Thai Food

Delicious Ways to Create Gluten-free Thai Food

February 17, 2022

Make Tasty Gluten-free Thai Food

People all around the world appreciate the unique flavour combinations found in Thai food. Experimenting with new foods is incredibly fun, but it can be stressful for those with a gluten-free diet. You would think that Thai food would be safe for gluten-free diners since most dishes are rice-based, but in fact, many sauces, including soy sauce, oyster sauce, and chilli sauce, are frequently made using wheat as a thickening agent which can be dangerous for those avoiding gluten. 

The good news is that Exotic Food provides a wide array of vegan and gluten-free sauce options for cooking Thai food, allowing you to be free of stress as you embark on your culinary adventures. Let’s look at some of the best gluten-free Thai sauces and some classic Thai dishes that you can cook with them.

Delightful Curries and Soups

Thai food is well-known for its colourful curries. Each has its own unique combination of spices giving it a distinctive flavour profile and vibrant appearance. Below are a few delectable curry dishes that you can prepare in a gluten-free way.

Massaman Curry

Massaman curry can be made with your choice of protein, carrots, and potatoes, and then served over rice. 

To make this curry at home, first chop up your protein, carrots and potatoes into bite-sized pieces (you can add any other vegetables you like to this recipe). Next, set a wok to high heat and warm up your cooking oil. Put your protein in the wok first to make sure it is well-cooked. Then, sauté your vegetables until they soften. 

You can then add coconut milk for your curry base and Exotic Food’s Massaman Curry Paste. Stir well, and then adjust the flavour of your curry to your liking with lime juice, fish sauce, and Exotic Food’s Minced Red Chillis in Soybean Oil.

Other Curries

In addition to curry paste for massaman curry, Exotic Food offers amazing gluten-free panang curry, yellow curry, green curry, and red curry pastes. The preparation process for each of these curries is quite similar; be sure to select the correct curry paste for your chosen curry and pick up the traditional vegetable choices for each option. 

For the green curry, add kafir lime leaves and small and large Thai aubergines. For panang curry, add in thinly sliced red peppers, Thai basil, green beans, and the smaller variety of Thai aubergine. Yellow curry is typically made with potato, bamboo shoots, and Thai basil. Finally, when making red curry, make sure to add kafir lime leaves, chopped bamboo shoots, the smaller variety of Thai aubergine, and Thai basil.

Thai Soups

You can also use Exotic Food’s cooking pastes to make traditional Thai soups. Spicy, sour tom yum soup is a favourite among Thai food lovers. You can make this soup by heating a pot of water with Exotic Food’s Tom Yum Paste to create your broth base. 

You can increase the fragrance of this dish with freshly sliced galangal root, lemongrass, kafir lime leaves and Thai chillies. Then, add vegetables, like mushrooms and tomatoes, and your chosen protein and boil until everything is well-cooked. Finish this dish by seasoning with fish sauce and lime juice to taste. 

You can also make Thai tom kha soup using Exotic Food’s Tom Kha Paste. The preparation for this soup is the same as tom yum soup, except that you add coconut milk to the soup base. You can use Exotic Food’s high-quality coconut milk for any of your Thai cooking adventures. 

Pad Kra Pao

Pad kra pao is a simple dish perfect for anyone who loves spice. The main ingredients that define its flavour profile are Thai basil and chilli peppers. You can make a gluten-free version of this dish at home with Exotic Food’s Red Chilli Basil Wok Sauce. Start by heating oil in your wok and then add some of Exotic Food’s Minced Garlic in Soybean Oil until the garlic starts to release a pleasant aroma. 

Then add whatever protein you prefer and cook until it is well-done. You can then add the wok sauce and vegetables, including chopped chillies, Thai basil, and green beans. Stir well until everything is mixed and then serve your dish over rice. 

Fried Rice

Fried rice is a classic Thai dish that is easy to make and customise to your taste. This dish’s characteristic ingredients are pre-cooked rice (typically leftover rice from a previous meal), sesame oil, and oyster sauce. Exotic Food’s Sesame Garlic Wok Sauce is perfect for making delicious gluten-free fried rice.

To make this dish, add a spoonful of Exotic Food’s Minced Garlic in Soybean Oil to your heated oil, then add in whatever protein and vegetables you’d like. Cook everything well, and then add in a few spoonfuls of Exotic Food’s Sesame Garlic Wok Sauce along with lime juice and chillies if you prefer your food spicy. Stir well, plate and garnish with chopped spring onions. 

Exotic Food’s Gluten-free Products

Check out our impressive collection of delicious gluten-free Thai food products, ranging from sauces and marinades to noodles and ready-to-eat soups. We have the perfect products for gluten-free foodies to explore the unique flavours of Thailand. 



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