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Born from a passion for sharing Thailand’s unique culinary heritage with the world, Exotic Food Thailand brings authentic flavors to your table. Founded by two siblings raised on complex and beautiful Thai flavors, we have grown our core product line to over 200 items, including exotic gluten-free sauces, toppings, cooking pastes, and marinades. Today, our delicious offerings grace kitchens in over 65 countries worldwide.

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Exotic Food Thailand caters to modern diets and adventurous palates. With a wide range of vegan and gluten-free offerings, you can explore the authentic flavors of Thailand without compromising your dietary restrictions. As a leading gluten-free wholesale supplier, we offer eight varieties of Thai sriracha sauce, a staple for any gluten-free pantry. However, our commitment to exploration extends beyond Thailand. Responding to the global love for new cuisines, we’ve added Wasabi, USA Style, Chilli Sauce, and Mayo flavors to our portfolio. Our customers around the world have discovered the versatility of our products. They use them to complement their national dishes, add a kick to pasta and salads, elevate grilled meats and fish, and create exciting dips for various meals.

But despite all our adventures in expanding our product line, we still feel it’s important to serve as ambassadors for authentic and traditional Thai cuisine. All our products use the same recipes found in traditional Thai markets.

Customers can use our wide range of cooking pastes to recreate their favorite iconic dishes from exotic Thai menus, such as green curry, tom yum soup, panang curry, red curry, and tom kha soup. We also offer sealed jars of Thai herbs and spices, bringing fresh Thai flavors to your kitchen. Additionally, we’ve expanded our line to include fresh fruits, vegetables, and ready-to-cook noodles, making authentic Thai cooking at home even more convenient.

We prioritize using only the finest, most authentic ingredients. All our Thai cooking and curry pastes, noodles, dipping sauces, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices are the same ones that have been staples in Thai home and restaurant kitchens for generations.

Our dedication to quality has been recognized with the Prime Minister’s Export Award, the highest honor bestowed upon Thai exporters. We take pride in representing and sharing the very best of Thai cuisine with the world.

Exotic Food Thailand is your destination for the ultimate Thai kitchen starter pack. Discover exotic flavors with our range of Thai sriracha sauces, curry pastes, and wok sauces – everything you need to create delicious Thai meals at home!

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Let our range of Thai sriracha chilli sauces, curry pastes, and wok sauces open the door and encourage your customers to explore the exotic flavours of Thai cuisine.
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