• Handy in straining liquid and grease
    from boiled or deep-fried food.

  • A tightly woven basket that keeps sticky
    rice warm and moist and also preserves
    the rice for a period of time without

  • This durable pan can be used for all sorts
    of cooking as it distributes the heat evenly.
    Excellent for conventional frying, stir-frying,
    and deep fat frying

  • Steamer is the answer from
    cooking fish, rice, sticky rice,
    to dessert.

  • This Thai unique utensil could made of stone,
    clay, or hardwood. Used in pounding ingredients
    and spices together to form a paste, grinding
    dried spices, and mixing Papaya Salad.

  • A wok stir-frying partner
    that can be made of wood
    or metal.

  • One stop tool for chop, slice, dice, and smash
    the meats and the vast array of vegetables
    and herbs